5 spots defining the heritage of Marrakech

Camille Chataignier
Editor Made in Marrakech
1er octobre 2018

Marrakesh is known for its blend of modern and traditional, the beauty of the city needs no introduction. What contributed in its gorgeousness is not only its trademarks and monuments but also certain destinations and establishments within the city, scattered within Gueliz and the Hivernage. We will introduce you to the spots that embellish Marrakesh and make it unique.

The Mamounia

The Hotel Mamounia is a 5 star Hotel that will leave all its visitors baffled. The phantasmal hotel has for its view the Atlas Mountains and its eight hectares of greenery; you find nature welcoming your gaze and its architectural uniqueness surrounding you, a style with a traditional and luxurious design. The hotel welcomed countless celebrities and people of power from Winston Churchil, Nelson Mandela, Charlie Chaplin, The Rolling Stones, Edith Piaf, Alfred Hitchcock, Joséphine Baker to Martin Scorcese, and the list continues… Up to this date, its every visitor is guaranteed an unparalleled experience, whether you are in for the night or for a simple drink.

The Grand Café De La Poste

The Café was first built under the French Protectorate, this made sure that the place had a French touch of the late 20th century. It served for the purpose of enjoying a freshly brewed coffee and a relay point for your mail. At that era its most frequent influential visitors were General Lyautey and the famous painter Jacques Majorelle. Along the years the Café has lost its radiance until a French group has brought its sheen back, keeping the colonial French look and introducing the Moroccan touch in its cuisine.

Dar Moulay Ali - Maison de France

This historical palace has now as its resident the Consul of France, with an open part of it to the public made to be a cultural space. However, as this place was built in the 19th century its original resident was Moulay Ali, It was later on purchased by the French Protectorate to be inhabited by its generals. Located in the Medina at proximity to the Koutoubia Mosque and Jemaa El Fna Square, this palace holds a real historic heritage.

Café Les Négociants

Café Les Négociants, as it can be translated to the Café of the Merchants. An Iconic establishment that has given a unique color to Marrakech. Taking its place amongst the crossroad of the three Cafés, from Hotel La Renaissance to Le Café Grand Atlas. It was a place where Moroccans and French discussed business, a place where you could enjoy your day by simply sipping on your coffee, it has existed since 1936 and carries on to this day.

Hotel La Renaissance

The Hotel holds an interesting history, as it was the first building to go beyond the mandatory 3 floor height maximum, due to having a pre-established Military monitoring tower. It was under the decision of General Lyautey to overrule it. That was the birth to the 4 star Hotel La Renaissance, all the way back in 1952. Throughout the years as it has gotten modernized while keeping the French vintage touch and also the Moroccan scent, its facade remained the same, giving that aging rustic look. It has become famous for its Sky Bar where you can go for a swim and at the same time enjoy the overlooking view on the Ochre City.

Camille Chataignier
Editor Made in Marrakech
1er octobre 2018

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