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Discover the best spots in Dubai to shop and satisfy your shopping mania!
FESTIVAL As with every year, January will be welcoming one of the biggest shopping events in the UAE. Shoppers near and far will flock to the city's malls in search of the latest promotions and entertainment.
DESIGN The Dubai International Jewellery Week celebrates one of the world's most lucrative and luxury good's market.
When it comes to Shopping in Dubai, you are never short of options. The city is famous for its luxury shopping, with some of the biggest names in fashion and design opening up stores in every Mall, choice is plentiful. However after awhile the same high street names, the same styles and the same colours in every store ...
Whether you are going on a vacation in Dubai or in need of some time out from the traffic-jammed streets of the city, there are hidden gems that can be found scattered around Dubai offering luxury accommodation, five-star cuisine and spa treats in beautiful and exclusive surroundings. A weekend or a week, these establi...

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Nouveaux à Dubai

L’ennui et la routine ne feront pas partie de votre quotidien grâce à notre sélection des nouvelles adresses et ouvertures à Dubai !

Al Reef Bakery

Al Reef Bakery is a popular city institution, open all day, this traditional style bakery, with wood fire ovens, offers fresh Lebanese bread with a delicious array of toppings. Famous with the locals and a popular breakfast treat, customers can choose from...


Bambah is a well known destination for the best picks in vintage fashion. Bambah sources fashion from the 1930s to 90s, from around the globe, bringing exclusive one off pieces to the customer. This charming store also offers handbags and accessories and...


Garderobe is a popular destination for luxury vintage clothing in Dubai. The unique store offers vintage designer pieces and pre-loved clothing for reasonable prices, having actively been part of Dubai's fashion scene for the last decade and working with top fashion houses,...


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