• Pottery
For those looking for exotic plants and flowers, Woroods presents an exquisite display of crafted bouquets, colourful and exotic flowers and stylish accessories. Flowers are sourced from all around the globe to offer customers the very best and uniq...

Persian Carpet House and antiques

  • Bazaar
  • Pottery
  • Carpets
The Persian Carpet House offers authentic Persian rugs in various designs and patterns. The company also specializes in lamps, antiques and furniture from Iran, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey and China.

Pottery Barn

  • House furniture
  • Linen
  • Wood
Pottery Barn presents a classic American style of home furnishings to create a comforting and warm environment fo every home. Customers can choose from a wide selection of home furnishings and accessories in neautral colours, made of fine materials t...