Lush is a unique store that offers fresh handmade cosmetics, bath and beauty products. The friendly store, set out like a grocery store, displays each product carefully allowing customers to take their time and test products, while staff provide expert advice on the best skincare suited to the customer's needs. The products are made using 100% fresh, natural and eco-friendly ingredients, with natural scents. Anything from dry shampoo bars, fresh masks to solid perfume is available here, the store also prides itself on fighting Animal cosmetic testing.


Gift Ideas For the Ladies

The sweet scent of Lush is enough to entice anyone into the store, laid out in the style of a grocery store, you can find natural handmade cosmetics, bath and body products, solid perfumes and a collection of Christmas gift sets from small to large containing 100% fresh and natural products. The added bonus i... Read more

December 2012