A piece of Italy in Dubai

A piece of Italy in Dubai
  • Bussola Restaurant

    Brussola Restaurant not only offers an extensive menu of Italian favourites, but also comes with breathtaking views over the sea and the Dubai skyline. The menu offers a variety of pizza dishes, fresh pasta and antipasto plates.

  • Focaccia Restaurant

    Foccacia is a charming restaurant in a warm and intimate setting, the restaurant offers a delicious selection of handmade pasta dishes, including; ravioli and gnocchi, as well as grilled meats and a menu of temoting desserts.

  • Brandi Pizzeria

    Brandi Pizzeria, as it's name suggests, specializes in traditional wood oven pizzas and are undoubtedly the highlight of the restaurant, there are a variety of toppings to choose from including classic margherita and seafood. The menu also presents a selection of fine Italian breads and antipasti plates.

  • Gianino Restaurant

    Gainino is a high-end gourmet Italian restaurant in Dubai in an exquisite and refined setting with a traditional Italian touch. The restaurant is a known Italian brand with the first restaurant having opened in Milan in 1899. The menu offers fine Italian fare, delicate seafood plates, fresh pasta and classic Italian desserts like Tiramisu and Gelato. A variety of fine Italian wines are also available.

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  • Armani Ristorante

    The sophisticated Armani Ristorante presents elegant and trendy Italian dining at it's best. Part of the Armani Hotel in Dubai by designer Giorgio Armani, the menu offers Italian cuisine from different regions of the country, fresh fish and classic pizzas are some of the dishes featured.

  • Jamie's Italian Dubai

    Jamie's Italian, Created by the award-winning celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, is now in Dubai after proving to be a big hit it in London. The warm and family friendly setting of the restaurant provides the perfect place to sample authentic and freshly prepared Italian dishes, as well as antipasti plates and a selection of Italian breads and dessert, there is also a childrens menu available.

  • Cavalli Club

    The Cavalli Club is one of the most exclusive spots in Dubai, located in the Fairmont Hotel the club was created by Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. The restaurant serves gourmet Italian cuisine and an extensive menu of creative cocktails.