Pottery Barn

  • House furniture
  • Linen
  • Wood
Pottery Barn presents a classic American style of home furnishings to create a comforting and warm environment fo every home. Customers can choose from a wide selection of home furnishings and accessories in neautral colours, made of fine materials t...

Café Ceramique Dubai

  • Cafe and ice-cream store
  • Ceramic
  • International
Café Ceramique is a arts and crafts cafe in Dubai that offers activities for children and adults like ceramic decorating and pottery. The cafe is in a friendly and casual setting and also offers snacks and drinks.

Amal Star Antiques

  • Antique store
  • Painting
  • Ceramic
Amal Star Antique specialize in antique dealing and decorative art, the showroom presents a collection of fine art, Islamic art, furniture, jewellery, textiles, ceramics and decorative objects. The company has a reputation with musuems and internatio...

Kashmir Art Gallery

  • Bazaar
  • Ceramic
  • Carpets
Kashmir Art Gallery is a long standing company, spanning three generations, the company was first created in Kashmir with a skilled team of craftsmen, using their expertise to create silk and wool carpets, pashmina and cashmere shawls and house furni...