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The new developments coming soon to Dubai

Per: Karen ATHWAL  

CONSTRUCTION The ever-evolving Emirate state has some suprises in store for 2014. Plans for a new wave of mega projects for developement in the coming two years have been released. Residents and tourists prepare for more housing, luxury hotels, an abundance of leisure and recreational facilities, parks, beaches and stunning skyscrapers...

Plans for a multitude of projects are well under-way as Dubai prepares to welcome yet more archictectural wonders that could elevate this city to the next level. Already known for its tall buildings, luxurious facilities, the city has even more to offer it's residents and tourists. 

New developments include; The Business Bay Towers, twin structures on the Sheikh Zayed Road that will become a five star hotel and luxury housing. The Dubai Twin Towers, located on The Lagoons ( a development of homes and offices on the waterfront), which will include a business district and residencies, as well as housing a luxury hotel and shopping mall. A West Beach development on the Palm Jumeirah will consist of a park, children's facilities, an exclusive beach club and a number of restaurants. 

More exclusively, Trump Estates, created by New York City property tycoon Donald Trump, will consist of 100 prestigious mansions overlooking the Trump International Golf Club, along with top of the range facilities for residents. Also the Faloncity of Wonder is an ambitious project that will feature the Pryamid Park on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The pyramid park will feature reconstructions of three large pyramids, capturing the essence of the great wonders of Egypt. 

Finally, The Polo Residence will be near completion in 2015 and will offer residents a gated community in the heart of Downtown Dubai. 

That's merely the tip of the iceberg as far as new projects in Dubai go, the city will see more than just a few new buildings and recreational spaces pop up over the coming years. 




Text Karen Athwal