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Rockfest Dubai 2013

Per: Karen ATHWAL  

ROCK For the first time, Dubai will host a festival dedicated to Rock music, featuring some of the greatest rock musicians around the world right now.

The festival, which is an exclusive one day event, will present various international rock bands on the stage for 8 hours of non-stop music. Hailed as the largest rock festival ever in the UAE, the headlining act 'Yngwie Malmsteem' of the US, will be joined by 'Dark Tranquility' of Sweden, 'Nightmare' of France, 'Myrath of Tunisia and home-grown talent 'Anuryzm'. The crowds won't just be gathering for the music, but also for the theatrical and dramatic performances all part of the world of Rock. 

A popular genre, rock music has a large following around the world and until now no single event in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, has had a single event entirely dedicated to the genre. The city has several venues where rock music domiantes and the heavy metal band, Anuryzm, based in Dubai, formed in 2003 and consists of 6 members of different cultural backgrounds. 

Rockfest will take place at The Arena in the Dubai World Trade Centre on Friday 7th of June, from 6pm onwards. Tickets for the event start from AED 250. 

Text Karen Athwal