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Dubai set to hold the World Expo 2020

Per: Karen ATHWAL  

WORLD EXPO Dubai has won the bid to hold the World Expo 2020, beating the competition in the last of the crucial voting round.

The decison was announced last night in Paris, as the UAE came out with the strongest. Dubai's campaign to win the rights for the World Expo 2020 showed the determination of the region and the highest standard of preperation they had committed too. 

The World Expo win is a boost to the entire region as it will add around  €17.7 billion euros to the economy. The event will benefit the tourism industry and residents in the city; an estimated 25 million visitors are expected for the event, which will also create 270,000 new jobs. A total of 6.5 billion euros will be spent on the event and its infrastructure.  

Reem Al  Hashemi, the Minister of State and Managing Director of the Bid Committee, delivered a memorable speech, followed by a video presentation.  The rapid advancement of the Dubai, along with the varied ambitious projects planned for the city and the bright vision for the future the city's leaders hold, the World Expo 2020 is the perfect platform in which to excericise that very determination. 

Text Karen Athwal