Brussels in the world top 10 for Street Food

Editor Made in Brussels
7th November 2013

A good alternative to restaurants and fast food, street food is everywhere in the capital!

The term 'Street Food' us used to describe the food we buy and eat on the street, preapred within minutes in front of us. To eat in or take away, this is the perfect choice; quick, good and cheap!

In recent years, a new trend has appeared in major cities, gourmet food trucks that offer simple food prepared with quality produce. Originating in the US, this style is based on the idea of cooking food in the street with limited resources but a with freshness and quality in mind. Most of the time they offer sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies and more. 

After London and Paris, Brussels is in the top ten for the best food trucks around. There are already a handful located in the squares and markets. Several times a week, they park their restaurant on wheels in various neighborhoods of the capital. Generally, they are very active on their social networks and communicate their routes there. 

But street food is not limited to food trucks, it includes everything that can be eaten on the street. Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia are popular for their street food offerings. No wonder Bangkok is ranked number one in the world's top ten street food cities, conducted by the Virtual Tourist site.

Brussels, meanwhile, is in ninth place thanks to its Belgian waffles and french fries, not exactly gourmet, but a national treasure still. 

Whether served in food trucks or in a small establishment open in the street, street food is the concept that is attracting more and more consumers. Street food is also a great way to promote new culinary creations. Many great chefs understand this, probably the reason why more events are happening where chefs come to the street to meet the consumers by offering their own take on street food. 

Editor Made in Brussels
7th November 2013

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