Exploring a City of Culture

Exploring a City of Culture
  • Janine Rubeiz Gallery

    Janine Rubeiz Gallery known as one of the oldest galleries in Beirut, has been a cultural hub and meeting point for artists since the late 60s. Today the same atmosphere can be found amid contemporary works of art by regional Arab Artists.

  • Agial Art Gallery

    The Agial Gallery is the place to go to view the latest works of art by artists from the Arab world. The gallery features contemporary works from artists in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and beyond, the gallery is well reputed for the exposure they give Arab artists.

  • Beirut National Museum

    Beirut National Museum has a long history that spans from the time of the Museums opening in 1919, the temporary closing due to the traumatic years of war in Lebanon and finally the restoration and re-opening in 2000. Explore and discover the fascinating history through 1300 artefacts that date back to the Bronze age.

  • Arab Image Foundation

    The Arab Image Foundation was founded on the aim to restore and collect photographs from the Middle East and North Africa and build the biggest archive of photographs in the Arab world that spans 150 years. The collection, which is open to the public, provides great view and insight into daily life in Arab nations through the years.

  • Alice Mogabgab Gallery

    Owned by art dealer and collector, Alice Mogabgab, the gallery exhibits art by regional and International artists, regular exhibitions are held every month.