Dine at an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Beirut

Dine at an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Beirut
  • Al Balad Beirut

    Al Balad Beirut is a rustic restaurant in a casual and relaxed setting. The restaurant's menu is filled with mezze platters, side salads, fresh breads and sweet treats.

  • Karam Beirut

    This popular Lebanese restaurant is simple and authentic, here you can enjoy grilled meats, mezze sharing platters, fresh salads, hummus and more. This restaurant is a favourite among the lunch time crowd and is in a casual setting with fast and friendly service.

  • Enab restaurant Beirut

    This small and intimate restaurant is known for offering Lebanese cuisne Home-cooked style, a great choice for rustic fair in a family orientated setting with reasonable prices.

  • Abdel Wahab el Inglizi Beirut

    This fine dining restaurant is often a tourist hotspot,the decor and cuisine are both sumptous and provide the perfect back-drop to an evening out among family and friends. The restaurant offers a great selection of wines and cocktails and a menu filled with delicious meat pastries, mezze platters, fresh cheeses and salads.

  • Green Falafel Restaurant

    This local hangout is perfect for a snack on the go or a quick bite for lunch. You can choose from a selection of sandwiches, wraps and salads with fresh flavours.

  • Al Ajami Beirut

    Al Ajami is a renowned restaurant in Beirut, serving authentic Lebanese mezze platters and grilled meats in a classic setting with comfortable black seating and elegant tableware. The restaurant is popular among locals and offers a colourful and vibrant atmosphere, paired with excellent customer service, the menu offers local favourites, drinks and a menu of tempting desserts.

  • Basma Beirut

    In an elegant and charming setting, Basma is a trendy restaurant in Beirut that serves Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist. The menu offers authentic Lebanese cuisine from mezze platters, grills, fresh breads and a menu of decadent desserts.