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Going Classical at the Al Bustan Festival

Per: Karen ATHWAL  

MUSIC The Al Bustan Festival was created in 1994 by the non-profit association of the same name, in an attempt to re-introduce arts and culture to Lebanon after years of civil war and conflict.

Over the years the Festival has grown it's prescence, not only in Lebanon but on an internional level, with each passing year there are over 30 performances by the talented artists, musicians, dancers and actors around the world and this year will be no different. Al Bustan's scheduled programme for each festival is formed by taking inspiration from different countries, a timeless artist or a culture and presenting artists representing of the subject. 

Not only is the Al Bustan Festival a celebration of music and arts, it also prides itself on educating through courses, master classes and special workshops. The emphasis placed on education and reaching out to the public, is done so to preserve and grow cultural and artistic influence in the region. Participating artists hold one-to-one meetings and workshops that help to form close bonds and understanding between the artists and the viewers. 

This year the Al Bustan Festival celebrates 20 years with one of it's most incredible line-ups that will take place over a five week period. The Programme will feature gala concerts, Flamenco dancing, Italian orchestra's, world famous pianist Oliver Poole, a Mozart in Africa evening, Armenian choir and a Viennese classical music set. 

The Festival will take place on the 19th February to 27th March, 2013. The evening will begin at 8.30pm every night and will take palce at the Emile Bustani Auditorium. 

Text Karen Athwal