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Nouveaux à Abu Dhabi

L’ennui et la routine ne feront pas partie de votre quotidien grâce à notre sélection des nouvelles adresses et ouvertures à Abu Dhabi !

Maison Sucre Abu Dhabi

Maison Sucre is a bakery and cafe that specializes in American style cupcakes in different flavours and toppings. There are over ten different light sponge flavours to choose from, a selection of mini desserts and fruit tarts and layer cakes and pies,...

Le Pain Quotidien Abu Dhabi

Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery and cafe that specializes in freshly baked bread, pastries and cakes, the international bakery concept also offers European style breakfast, lunch and dinner. The warm and rustic interiors of the cafe provide a casual and intimate...

Vivel Patisserie

Vivel Patisserie is a unique family owned business with locations across the Middle East. The patisserie is famed for it’s delicious Iranian sweets and an extensive collection of speciality teas from around the world. There are a variety of sweets and cookies...


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